WoolClean Wool Carpet Care

Easily clean wool carpet with the WoolClean Carpet Spot Removal Kit which is safe for all carpet fibers and effectively cleans spots and spills on your wool carpets. This is a complete kit to clean wool carpet which includes bottles of spot remover, dry spot remover, absorb it powder and a cleaning cloth. Finally, you can easily clean wool carpet!

New Packaging

Our new rectangular packaging saves space and helps hold down shipping costs while the volume of the bottles remains the same at 12 oz.

WoolClean Kit -- Care for Your Wool Carpet

Three Easy Steps to Clean Wool Carpet

  • 12 oz WoolClean Spot Remover 1 - removes non-greasy water-based spots and stains
  • 12 oz WoolClean Dry Spot Remover 2 - removes greasy, oil-based spots
  • 12 oz WoolClean Absorb It - works like tiny sponges on pet accidents and spills. Use to absorb spills initially or as a final step to absorb leftover materials as the carpet dries


Three Part Emergency WoolClean Kit

WoolClean spot remover is specially formulated for high-quality wool carpet, rugs and upholstery. The WoolClean kit includes three “specialists” that come to the rescue for unexpected spots and spills.

  1. Spot Remover ­ cleans water-based spills and spots
  2. Spot Dry Remover ­ attacks grease and oil-based spots
  3. Absorb-it ­ absorbs spills; can be used to absorb spills initially or to soak up any remaining liquid as the carpet dries


Easy to Use

The WoolClean Kit includes a complete step-by-step instruction manual on how to remove carpet stains.

Problem Solver

Remove adhesives, pen marks, drink stains, candle wax, chewing gum, chocolate, eggs, grass, grease, make-up, nail polish, oil, paint, rust, blood, wine and more with the WoolClean kit.


WoolClean is safe for use on all types of carpet fibers, including wool; learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance.

Low Odor

Items #1 and #3 of the WoolClean kit are non-toxic with almost no odor; #2 contains mineral spirits and has low odor (Alert: The #2 cleaner contains mineral spirits. Please follow manufacturer's instructions for use.)

Available Products

WoolClean Kit

  • 12-ounce WoolClean Spot Remover
  • 12-ounce WoolClean Dry Spot Remover
  • 12-ounce WoolClean Absorb-It

WoolClean Kit: $49 with FREE SHIPPING

WoolClean kit

Wet Spot Remover

2 12-ounce bottles: $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Removes non-greasy water-based spots and stains.

WoolClean wet spot remover

Dry Spot Remover

2 12-ounce bottles: $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Removes greasy, oil-based spots.

WoolClean dry spot remover


1 2-lb. container: $31.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Absorbs spills; can be used to absorb spills initially or to soak up remaining liquid as the carpet dries.

WoolClean Absorb-It spill absorber

Spot Remover + Absorb-It

12 ounce Wet Spot Remover
plus 2 lb. Absorb-It: $39.95 with FREE SHIPPING

WoolClean wet spot remover and Absorb-It

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